Saturday, 9 August 2014

RELEASE DAY!!!! Crimson Ties: The Crimson Nights Saga Part 2.

(Oh Admit, it....You want to hug a pole with the books picture too!!)
Today is the DAAAAAYYYYYY !!!!!!
(Kitty has the right idea, today is a day for CELEBRATIONS!!!)

I have been waiting for this day for MONTHS!!!  For anyone that has read Crimson Reigns, you know what I'm talking about.  Today the second book in this, HOLY SMOKES I NEED TO HAVE IT, amazing series comes out, and I for one, cannot wait to get my hot little hands on it. (Update: Bought it the second I was handed the link......*sticks out her tongue and makes raspberry noises to the slowpokes*

Prepare for more hotness, more Smexy Vamp, more Smexy Angel, hot, as a raging fire, sex scenes, tears, laughter and yes, I bet there will even be green Jolly Ranchers too. 

(This is gonna be me ALLLLLLL day tomorrow)

If you haven't read the first book, here is a little view:

A pulse of light preceded the gift of life breathed into the coldest and darkest of souls. Bathed in the glow of celestial love and swathed in a blanket of black satin wings nestled a king among kings, a vampire born to destroy the decay threatening to eradicate the race he was destined to save.

An angelic heart torn by yearning, suffering and pain throbbed to the rhythm of the life he created; a life prophesied in the scriptures by the Creator’s own hand. A vow of servitude given in blood sealed the fate of a Seraphim's heart and tied it eternally to the creation he craves, protects…loves.

Ancient treaties are lost and reborn, rising from the ashes as the Nephilim ravage the vampire race. The deviant desire that soared in Malachi Denali's blood threatens to bring Rome to its knees when Malachi's world, his soul and his heart are brutally shattered and torn apart.

Will purity born of an angel's love be enough to calm the savage mind of Malachi Denali? Or will Laziel be doomed to a life of purgatory for loving the life he was gifted to create…

This is not a HEA, or even a HFN....Who knows what will happen to seal their fate...only time will tell. Vampires, angels, demons and wolves together with love, betrayal, sadness and yearning make up the ongoing story that is...

The Crimson Nights Saga.

(You know a book is good when even Santa has it on his list)

I Suggest you get your butt on over to Amazon and look this book up.  BUY BUY BUY....Buy for you, Hell Buy one for a friend.....Either way get your hands on this book, and join the rest of us in the amazing world of Laziel and Lachi.  

(mmmmm That's a lot of sexy in one pic)

Follow the links below for more info on the characters, authors and books, and for the love of everything...RUUUUUUUN your butts to Amazon and make sure to get your own copy of Crimson Ties. While you're there.....Get Crimson Reign too, you know, if you haven't all ready. You will NOT regret it!!!


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Crimson Reign: The Crimson Nights Saga Book 1


BTW........ALL Credit for the AMAZEBALL Covers...goes to the wonderfully talented Soxie!! You can check her out on Facebook at Soxsational Cover Art. Be sure to stop by and tell her how amazing she is.......We tell her all the time,'s always good to hear it again.


  1. Thank you Crystal, I love this and you! It's fabulous!

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