Friday, 30 November 2012

Cruel Imagination I: The begining by Trevor Couturier

What would you do if you have the power to bring anything you imagined to life?

Would you give yourself a new mansion?

Maybe a new job.

Now what if you had a really bad day?

What if your anger got the better of you?

William Balder, common family man, could lose everything because of a few unintentional thoughts. And it was all brought on by a mysterious bearded man. 

Hold on tight for this nerve racking thrill ride.......

......and remember..... careful what you think.

I was given a copy of this book by an awesome friend of mine in exchange for an honest review.

What would you do if everything you thought came to be?  Would you keep thinking of things not knowing how it would turn out? Would you wish for elaborate things to happen? Making all your dreams and wishes come true.

I bet most of you would, but not William Balder, hell all he wants is his family safe and for the bad man to go away. 

Not as simple as it seems though. Bad things happen. The bearded man shows up in a dream, and William soon wishes it had stayed that way. No matter what he tried, everything he thinks happens and he can't seem to make it stop.

Until...well, I cannot tell you everything but believe me, this book has what you want to get your imagination flowing and have you thinking what if.....

Sometimes I wish I had the powers to make things happen, but after reading this book I have rethought that.  

The writing is amazing, it pulls you in and keeps you interested right from the very first words. It found it hard to put the book down until it was finished, and now that it is I just wanna pick up the second and find out  

Hopefully this poor mans life gets better, oh wait, no I want more  Things can only get more interesting from here. Run out and get yourself a copy of this book, I sear you will not regret it and it will have you thinking twice about making

                                  Cruel Imagination I: The Beginning


  1. I completely agree. I have the first two books, and they are both amazing. Trevor is a wonderful writer and it's great to see him getting his books out there! Great review! Now, go get the second one because it does only get better. ~T

  2. I would like to take a moment to thank you Crystal.
    You have done an amazing job. I'm glad you enjoyed the book. If any of your readers are looking for my books, here are 2 places for them to start:
    Thank you
    Trevor Couturier