Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Cover Reveal: Taking Over Trofim and Muse Me Only by Princess so and Talon ps

THE TWINS know everything is better in twos
So what better way to kick off the New Year than with double the pleasure.
The Twins: Talon P.S. & Princess S.O. have a birthday coming up soon and to celebrate they’re releasing TWO GREAT READS for you.
Talon’s Bestselling series Dominion of Brothers has another book installment:


Dominion of Brothers: Book 4

Princess is releasing a steamy standalone about a painter who has become infatuated with a pole dancer:


Coming Soon January 29th !!
And to get your One Click finger itching they’re sharing the cover reveals for both here today.
Cover Creations by Princess S.O.

TAKING OVER TROFIM ~ Dominion of Brothers: Book 4
Talon ps
MM / Erotic Romance / Light Introductory D/s
Trenton Leos has always been known to many as the Dominus, the man to go to for the perfect D/s match. However, Trenton and his brothers are about to find out that he and their lifestyle have become the target of a political cleansing. A shady operation with very deep pockets comes to the surface when Trenton is asked to investigate q dark secret that threatens the future of Pyotr Laszkovi’s younger brother: Trofim and his love, Shay Wilks.
~ * ~
Trofim Laszkovi would never forget how right it felt to be in Shay’s Wilks’ arms five years ago. But Shay’s father made it frighteningly clear with threats hard to ignore, that Trofim’s family would pay the price if he didn’t stay away from Shay. So with the help of a friend, Trofim made a career move that put him an ocean away. Even now, having finally returned home only a year ago to the family he missed, Trofim hadn’t dared allow himself to look in Shay’s direction.
~ * ~
Shay Wilks has done everything he could to keep his father’s plans for him at arm’s length and protect his doctor’s degree from ruin by the same man. All in hopes that the only man Shay has ever loved will one day return to him. Now, five years later, Shay finally has another chance to be with Trofim. If only he can convince Trofim they are better off together than apart. That and he must find a means to get out from under his Father’s brutal hold in time before losing Trofim again.  

Princess so
MM / Erotic Romance / Artist theme
Xherdan Chantal is an artist still trying to find his place among the masters of color. He’s a rather independent soul, working at the New York Metropolitan Museum who lends no time to pretending to be anything he’s not or be involved in anyway other than to stimulate his muse. However when a local pole dancer sneaks into his life and seduces far more than Xherdan’s muse, he’s not sure how to define it, but it feels too good to dismiss. Xherdan may not have planned any of this but he’s not out to buck what he feels. Exploring this new sensation with loyal attention that sets Sreven above the rest of the world that feeds his muse. But there’s just one fight a lover should never pick with an artist if he wants to stay.   

How would you like a chance to win an Exclusive Premiere Kindle copy of each title before anyone else?
It super easy. Follow us on any one of the links given in the rafflecopter below and you’re entered !!! We’ll Announce one lucky winner to receive a Kindle copy of Taking Over Trofim by Talon ps and Muse Me Only by Princess so January 9th and send the winner their exclusive copies as soon as the finished editions are available before they go live on Amazon !!!   


Both Proud Indy Authors: Princess so and her twin, Talon ps love to torment their editor with a nefarious world of foreign-lang, slang, local dialect, stretched/outside-of-the-box definitions, and have even been known to throw in some con-lang at times. This, of course, is all thrown in there with the dyslexia soup stock they both suffer from that makes editing with them a joy {joy: n see mental illness}. But the final product comes out as richly detailed holographic worlds of Gay/MM Erotic Romance; Paranormal, Sci-fi, and War time Erotic-Romances; and along with Tal’s favorite Space Sci-Fi Frontiers and Prin’s favorite works of Post-Apocalyptic Dark Fantasies, all for readers to submerse themselves into and escape from the mundane. “I’m about to make you wet.” ~ Talon ps & Princess so   


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Wednesday Review: Keeping His Destiny.

Welcome to our Wednesday Review post. As per the schedule today I am reviewing Keeping His Destiny by Princess so and Talon ps. I hope you enjoy and do yourself a favor and go out right after and get this book. 


I wasn't sure what to expect when picking up this book but DAMN am I glad I did. I've never been a big one for Sci Fi but this book caught my attention from the very beginning and kept me hooked until the very end. SO much that I wish there was more to their story. 
Tannin captured my heart and my hormones from the very description of him. The way he's described paints such a pictures in your head, that every time you even hear his name you can see him standing in front you in all his beefy, sexed up glory. His blue eyes just setting fires off deep in your belly.
Aari is everything I would want to be, strong, able to stand up for herself no matter the situation, determined and just everything I could envision in a female hero. She stands her ground through everything, including standing up to Tannin and giving him a damn good run for his money. No weakling in that girl.
If what you're looking for is an easy romance, where the girl falls at the guys feet and gives him everything he wants then put this book down, it's not for you, but if you are looking for a book that will draw you in, give you excitement, romance, love, satisfaction and even some good old fashioned fighting and arguments then please, by all means, continue reading until you're done, then tell me how good it was. When you finish this one, please remember to go and leave a review on all the usual sites, we all know Authors love reviews.



Monday, 29 December 2014

Keeping His Destiny by Princess so and Talon ps

Welcome to Mondays edition of the Twins. Today we will be telling you about Keeping His Destiny, a Sci Fi book that is sure to set fires under your romance meters. 


In the distance, she heard or thought she heard a familiar voice singing to her.
Weak and in pain, Aari slid from one rusted shell to another, following the sound, until she reached the trees, and from there, the trees and stands of scrub became her crutch. Each step, both excruciating libations to Destiny and whatever gods existed that she was not finished yet, and she would earn her place in this world to remain in it.
The voice she had heard drew closer, she was most certain now she knew what it was, and she pressed on.
She reached the end of the woods and stopped, peering out, having happened upon a small camp of men hunkering around a canister fire alongside one of the rail trains from old world under a slight overhang, rusted and grown over like most anything else, but it was an ideal home for slummers. And with them the voice of her code talker telling a tale in the form of a hymn on a low band radio.
Aari didn’t care, she could barely walk any further and the sunlight was fading again. She would not survive another night without a fire. So at the risk of everything, she stumbled out of the trees towards them.
The code talker’s song ended and he spoke of a tale. One word stuck out—
She nearly burst into tears as she rushed toward the men— towards the fire can— and the radio voice who spoke of Tannin.
One of the men spotted her and jumped to his feet, swinging a rifle around pointedly at her. “Who goes there?”
Aari didn’t stop, for she knew if she did, she’d never get back up again. She stumbled but caught herself before going down, her eyes fixated on the canister fire.
“Tulo, let her through.” Someone else called out.
Aari hung her head, her eyes watched wearily as the man on guard slowly lowered the rifle and stepped aside. She stalled— teetering— trying to keep up right, needing to make those last few steps before she could not. “The code talker, what does he say? Do you know what he is saying?” She pleaded with them with hopes they understood the code talkers words, “He spoke of the titan.”
The men exchanged looks, before one answered. A gangly fellow wrapped with several layers of clothes, his thin gray hair pulled back and tied with a cord. He swallowed, listening, then began to translate. “He sings of the Titan. How he is moving, stepping over mountains— he is looking for the lost one. He says the lost one is still alive and needs Titan’s help.”



So there you have it, do what you will with it, but make sure you come back on Wednesday for another addition of The Twins, when I'll be posting my own personal review of Keeping His Destiny. Thank you for stopping by and remember to keep checking the book store for new additions. 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Big Spoon and Teddy Bear by Princess so

Well it's Wednesday, and you know what that means...Yup, another post about the twins. This one is a review post...lucky you....*laughs* Today I will be posting a review and information on the book Big Spoon and Teddy Bear by Princess so.


Publisher: Proud Indy
Cover Art by: Princess S.O.
Word count: 35k


Big Spoon & Teddy Bear
Princess so 
MM-Gay Romance/ Mature Men’s Romance / Sports Fiction / Healing
For years Gage has been turning men into steel, athletes into warriors of strength, competitors into medalists. But Gage isn’t looking for any more empty trophies, he’s looking for something far more meaningful.
When Gage takes a new job at an old gym, he doesn’t expect his entire life to get a workout, just a change of pace. At first it doesn’t seem like much and about the only plus is the endless view of rugged and well worked man-candy in the form of weightlifters and Strongman competitors that he’d be training and working with. He figures he has it made the minute he walks in the front door in that sense. But in truth, it isn’t enough. He wants a place to set down roots. More importantly, he wants someone to take root with.
Because he’s gay, Gage had always been told to just be happy with what he got, but there’s something about Boomer. A quiet, towering mountain of a Bear that was the gym’s manager who has Gage hoping for more than just daydreaming about the large physique. And that alone promises to put a spark back into the life of a lonely, freckled ginger.
You’re never too old for a teddy bear, right?


He felt a little restless. Perhaps just a matter of his first week finally being established it was a stepping stone for him. The first of many steps to building a new life here and he kind of had that need to celebrate the jitter in him. So he hopped on his BossHoss, cranked her up, and went cruising.
He headed north towards the old haunts. Some things had definitely changed. A few new apartment buildings had replaced some of the old warehouses that had once been taken over by the artsy people and converted into studios. He could recall a few street fairs they held, often to the dislike of road traffic, but always fun to stop by and check out the creations. Further down, something old gave way to a new movie theatre— somewhere else a new strip mall. Yet where ever he looked someone was huddled in an alcove to an old storefront’s doorway, bundled up in a tattered blanket and cardboard. Maybe a pack or two of personal things tucked close to their side— a girl strutted a little more than she needed to pine for the attention of certain drive-bys— a cop sat in his car seemingly oblivious to the outside world, while the siren of another could be heard in the distance. The music flavor from one red light to the next brambled back and forth from hip-hop to the latest rock. Some things didn’t change.
He found himself just riding down one street after another, letting the nostalgia of old familiarity welcome him. He’d just taken a left, and was suddenly idling his speed down until he came up on the night club he recalled being there. He stopped his bike just shy of it, pausing in the street and stared at it. A few Bears were just showing up and hanging around the door. A door man clad in fitted leather pants and a leather vest patted them down with a gloved hand, taking a freedom frisk as he did, which neither of the men seemed to mind. One even propositioned to be patted again taking position against the wall of the club hands up on the stony surface. Ass out and legs spread while the two other men took advantage of the offer to feel him up. Gage rolled his bike back into an empty curb spot still watching. His mouth watering to have some toy time, but he made no move to join them or venture closer to the club.
“Hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm-mmm— man, oh, man. You look edible.” A low barbering growl of a voice came up behind him, “Come inside, pretty baby, and I will ride you all night.”
Gage turned just as the arriving admirer, trailed by two comrades, stepped up to feel out one of Gage’s arms still held out, gripping the handle bars. Why was he so tense? The offer wasn’t so bad. But Gage couldn’t bring himself to let go of the handlebars. His admirer didn’t seem to notice he hadn’t answered given the amusement of eye candy just one of Gage’s arms offered him as the man still stroked over his biceps and then his shoulder. His attire for the night was a pair of jeans with Timberland boots. A leather harness that showed off the matching set of salt and pepper hair on his head chest and forearms, keeping his face dotted with only a small amount of stubble. But more importantly was what he wore just above the harness. He was collared. Neither of his two comrades seemed to eye him with a sense of ownership, but someone obviously did. Either way it was a deal breaker for Gage. Too rough for his liking and he didn’t much care for playing with other people’s toys. Not even on loaner nights.
The man finally wandered off, figuring Gage would catch up when he was good and ready. No need for lengthy ceremonies here. But the last time Gage was here was also his first. A night of endless fucking and sucking, but the ending was anything but bliss. A night that shattered his existence and turned Gage inside out only to find his pockets were empty and shelves void of memorabilia.
He sat there staring at the door as men, by ones by twos by threes, slowly arrived and made their way inside. All but Gage. A few looked his way. Some with hopeful glances. Others unsteady of Gage’s hovering. But Gage couldn’t bring himself to go in. A ghost stood at the front door of this one, one he wasn’t ready to face. So he turned away— started the bike back up— then kicked it into gear and drove off— for home.


This book had me taken in from the very start. I've always been a big fan of the M/M romance genre and this book only took that further. I picked this one up and didn't put it down until it was finished, and even then it was by protest. I was damn near holding my breath because there was no more.
It ended WAY too soon for mind is never a good thing when left alone to come up with scenarios and situations on it's own...which is dangerous when I want to know more about a certain sexy bear couple......*laughs* Gage and Boomer hit my heart and pulled at every single string attached to it and then some.  Learning that not everyone is as bad as they seem just because they are a big guy, or that they are gonna go easy on you because you put on a pout. The way Gage helps the customers to reach their full potential while breaking down some serious walls was amazing.
 Princess bring the story to life and brings the characters into your life in so many ways that when the book is finished, you may end up like me, tossing it against the bed in tears and crying for more. 


Thank you for joining us today. I hope you enjoyed the short read and the review. I highly suggest running out and grabbing this book, you will not regret it, and while you're at it, keep checking back here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on more info about more books by the twins. 

Monday, 15 December 2014

Bond of the Lycaon Concubine by Talon ps and Princess so

 BOND OF THE LYCAON CONCUBINE ~ the Lycotharian Collection
By Talon ps and Princess so

GENRE: Paranormal shifter/MF/Erotic Romance/Explicit language
WORD COUNT: 37,697 {approx 91 pages}

Welcome to Immortal Crimson Reviews. Every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays we will be featuring a new book, interview whatever with the twins Talon ps and Princess so. Everything you could ever want to know about themselves and their amazing writing will be on display for all.

 Every Wednesday will be a review. I will personally read one of their books and review it here for you to read.  There may even be some giveaways so make sure you read everything, you never know when that giveaway will be based on a test *winks*.

Talon and Princess are two amazing writers. They write mostly M/M genre but they do write F/M and more, and believe me whatever it is they touch, they heat up a room with just their simple words. I have the pleasure of knowing Princess personally and an honored to call her a friend. I never had the pleasure of meeting Talon, but from what I hear he was an amazing person and I would have loved him regardless. 

And now for our first book.

Bond of the Lycaon Concubine. 


“So you think you know the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf? Think again...”

Raina grew up with the faint memories of her grandmother’s fairytales. Tales that told her she was a part of something far greater than her lonely nomadic life gave existence to. But when she finds she’s been among the one thing she desired most, can she let go of her more human-raising to submit to it?

Tristan has had a wild hunger for the saucy minx ever since she started working at the Hell hound Tavern. When a close call with a rival pack meant risking exposing the beast he was to Raina, he wasn’t expecting her to submit to the beast as his mate. As the Beta to the pack Alpha, Tristan can’t keep a mate to himself, but the secret she holds says otherwise.

But keeping a Lycaon Concubine might mean leaving the pack in order to protect his Alpha, who’s status has kept a pack 500 strong safe for generations.



Reviews are a vital source of word-of-mouth for an author, and every author loves to get reviews (well not the one star rated ones, lol) and to show you how much we APPRECIATE you taking the time to post one. We are going to give away a basket FULL of naughtiness to one luck winner.
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Thank you so much for joining us today. Check back on Wednesday when I will be reviewing Big Spoon and Teddy Bear, another great release by the twins. I hope you check out their stuff.