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Crimson Nights Saga Blog Tour By V.L. Moon and J.T. Cheyenne

Welcome all back to my blog. I always said I was gonna get things started up again, and here we are. For my entrance back into the reviewing world...I've chosen, two of my favorite authors, as my first post back. 
This series has had me hanging on tight from the very first this recent one now. I am so glad to bring you Crimson Storm, the third instalment in the Crimson Nights Saga, by V.L Moon and J.T. Cheyenne.
So sit back and delve into their little world with me, then run out and grab the series and read till your little hearts are content. 

I bring you...Crimson Storm.

Title: Crimson Storm  (Book Three in The Crimson Nights Saga)

Authors: V.L. Moon and J.T. Cheyanne

Genre/s: Gay, Romance, Paranormal

Length: 155K/658 Kindle pages

ISBN:  978-0-9899725-6-7


As their allies grow and their circle of friends discovers true love, their enemies advance.

Shadows watch, waiting in the distance as an age old power threatens to reveal the secrets of a past steeped in sorrow.

War is upon them and with its advance comes a force of unity bound by love and sealed by blood.

Together, Malachi and Laziel fight to protect those they hold close.

When Rome trembles and the bowels of Hell spew forth its spawn, the wolves and the rogue Nephilim join forces with Malachi Denali and his vampires to fight against evil and tip the scales in favor of the just.

Fractions divide, lives lay in ruin. Is the call of the wild their only hope of survival?

Or will Rome finally fall under the weight of an angel’s untold grief?

Read on to assuage your thirst as the Crimson Nights Saga continues.


If you haven't read this series, what the heck are you waiting for? This has got to be, one of the best series, I have ever read. It has so many ups and downs, heart in your throat moments that it leaves you breathless by the end. 
Let me tell you, the wait for this one was definitely an on the edge of your seat kind of wait, but I wouldn't have traded it for anything in the world...well, except maybe another book in the series. *winks* 

Lachi and Laziel have a love that defies everything ever known to man or woman. Nothing I have read comes even close to the bond these two share...not to mention the rest of the chars. I don't want to give away too much, but Vischeral, Copi, Roman, Tobias...and now's like a virtual tour of love and amazement. The war erupts and all hell breaks loose, literally. 

The love between everyone can be felt so strongly, it's as if you're living it yourself. Every twist and turn has your breath catching in your lungs, your heart beating out of your chest, and your fingers gripping the edges of your device as if it can stop the ride from drowning you. 

In some ways you almost, note I said almost, feel sorry for the bad guys...but then you realize, why? They had it coming anyways...nobody messes with something as obvious and strong as the love between Lachi and Laziel and lives to tell about it. I've been following this series from the beginning and I am so very glad I did. I wouldn't want a moment back of the waiting or reading. 

No matter the nail biting, hair pulling, expletive screaming moments...this book, no, this entire series...was worth every second of waiting. Right from book one, to the final instalment...every breath in between was worth it. 

If you were looking for a book that brings you everything...Love, fighting, death, up, downs, highs, lows, tears, and heart stopping moments...then this is the book for you. Heck, this is the SERIES for you...Do yourself a favor and get your fingers walkin through Kindle, and scoop them all up. While you're at it, scoop up everything you can by these two authors. You will not regret it. 

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Multi-genre romance and fiction writing duo V.L Moon and J.T Cheyanne span a continental divide to bring together their love, support, and admiration for the LGBT communities they belong to. With their ever growing families’ support, they make the most of what little time they have to write the love, angst, and turmoil that hopefully reflects the struggle that is, modern day life.

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  1. Aww darlin' that has to be the most fabulous review ever! Thank you so very much for your continued support and love. We so appreciate everything that you do to promote us with the tours. We cherish your friendship. <3

  2. Sending you huge love Crystal. You're a superstar. Love the review. So very grateful and over the moon that you like it so much. <3