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Becoming His Slave by Talon ps

Welcome back, sorry I've been gone so long but health and real life tried to kick me in the butt.  Well I kicked back and here I  I kinda slacked on the Twins posts but let me tell you, there is A LOT coming your way.  Starting with this AMAZING book I just finished. For the next two weeks I am going to be focusing on the Dominion of Brothers Series, and let me tell do NOT want to miss ANY of this. 

Dominion of Brothers Series: Book 1
Written by Talon p.s.

BDSM & D/s / MF / Erotic Romance / some MM & FF
Katianna Dumas hovers on the edge of passion, caught up inside the exquisite eroticism she crafts as an author. Her erotic novels seduce readers with tales of new and unknown heights of pleasure to which Katianna herself, is inexperienced. That is until one night she couldn't even remember; she confessed a secret desire to Trenton Leos, who's now intent to bring her fantasy to life and lure her into his world of Dominance and Submission where he's not just any Dom, he's the Dominus. The Master of all Doms.

Life with the Dominus promises to surround her with rich, somatic passions, but therein too lies danger, and she's not sure she's strong enough to hang on. Especially when being with Him means submitting her life to Becoming His Slave.


Katianna didn’t watch, but she felt, and she listened, listened to Trenton’s breath. Not ragged but heavy, his head tilted back a little obscuring his face from her view, but she could imagine his expression had it been thrown back with total exhilaration of pleasure. She wondered how he would sound if completely taken by the wet sensation of a woman’s mouth. Of course, she already had all this mapped out in her imagination, having written it so many times— remember Trenton was a frequent subject of her muse. But for her, there was nothing sexier than the sound of a man when he nears his orgasm and she wanted to hear Trenton’s.
As for the slave who served him, this was still completely vanilla as far as phalacio went. She felt his body tense, he was close, and he rocked into the girl’s mouth a little faster. Katianna leaned to her side, risking a peek, and Trenton held Marcena’s head; his thumb caressing at the silky waves of hair, while gently holding her to him.
Trenton shifted, suddenly his free hand took Kat’s hand from his shirt and pulled her down over his abdomen, eliciting her touch at the base of his cock, holding her grip there firmly, just as his hips bunched up. She could feel his release pump from his body against her fingers. His moaning deepened as if her touch was the one sensation he needed to send him over the edge. His fingers caressed over her hand and she used the chance to watch his face. The deep furrow across his brow that indicated it wasn’t all that he wanted or desired, but it was release nonetheless, and when the jerk of his hips stopped— total relaxation.


I had no idea what to expect with this book. I've read BDSM books before and every time I was always left have I just read. Don't get me wrong, Jesse Ward snatched my attention as he did many others...but let me tell you...That Man....has just be dethroned and replaced with the Master of all Doms...The Dominus to be correct. 
When you pick up this book you will be introduced to Trenton Leos, the Dom to end all Doms. They call him the Dominus and for damn good reason. This man commands your attention and everything else with a single word. I literally wanted to jump into the book and give myself over to his every command and whim....damn.  Then you meet Katianna, or mouse as she's affectionately called by everyone...She is the type of woman anyone could hope to be. She seems like a timid little thing, afraid of even her own shadow, but believe me there is so much more to her than meets the eye. You see her grow and flourish through the book and meeting Trenton is the best thing that ever happens to her.
You will also meet Deisel, Amelia, Dane, Marcus, Paris, Cliff, and so many more.....many will reach your heart and claw their way into their own special places, while others you will find yourself wanting to push off the edge of the world just for the sheer pleasure of watching them go...but I have the mind that Talon has so much more planned for all these wonderful characters so I will reserve the pushing and wait to see if they warm up to me.
My heart was racing at times, but I also shed tears at others, damn near threw my tablet across the room and screamed quite a few times that specific people were being fools...but when you read you will find out for yourself.  Let's just say....if you want a book that has BDSM, love, caring, laughter, tears, action, sex, and so much want to grab this book and get reading.


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