Monday, 19 November 2012

Reapers Walk: Hellstone by Don Franklin

After 10 generations, the Reaper is coming to collect his due…

The Dark witch, Umaa, was raised for one purpose: to punish the white men for takig her people as slaves. Her revenge was terrible. Harper’s Town burned along with every living thing within its boundaries. The price was to be her soul, but she cheated death and even cheated the Devil. Impressed, Satan postponed his payment for 10 generations.

In the modern era, Lita Harper is the ten-times descendent of Umaa. The circle is closing, and it’s time for the Reaper to collect her soul.

Lita learns the shocking truth about the cursed patch of Washington, D.C. that had once been Harper’s Town, and of the hooded figure carrying a scythe who can be seen patrolling the perimeter of the area known as…The Reaper’s Walk.

This was a very well written book.  If you like things like werewolves, vampires, Bruja, and Brujura then this is the book for you. These woman fight for their lives, literally, against the Reaper, and Satan. In order to stay alive they must make deals and do whatever they can to break a pact that was made ages ago, and not by them. 
The writing is very easy to follow, and you wll soon find yourself picking sides. At the same time you will be wondering how others who you have met, will play a role in all things.  You will find out about some, but not about others, leaving you wanting more form the story then this book holds. 
I know I for one an waiting for the second book now. I need to find out what happens, and if they get out of this mess without anything more happening. 
Trust me, you will want to find out more as well if you read this book. And I highly recommend it. 
                                                               Reapers Walk: Hellstone

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