Friday, 28 November 2014

Secret Santa Book Tour

Welcome to Immortal Crimson Reviews. Today we will be reviewing the Secret Santas Book set. Each book will be posted, followed by my own personal review on each. Please enjoy, and show the authors some love by following their links.

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Secret Santas Holiday Collection

Kissing Kris Kringle 

by Erin Quinn

Category:   Romance/Holidays*, Romance Short Story (under two hours)


'Tis the season for heroes and love stories that will make you believe... 

Book One: KISSING KRIS KRINGLE by Erin Quinn 

Book Two: NAUGHTY ST. NICK by Calisa Fox 


Sub Categories:  Christmas, magic, santa

In the spirit of giving and paying if forward, all of the author’s proceeds for Kissing Kris Kringle will be donated to The Animal Welfare League, an amazing organization dedicated to saving animals lives and working to improve the way they are treated and regarded by society. 

Kris Kringle is just an average guy living in the tiny town of North Pole, Maine where Christmas isn’t just a holiday—it’s a way of life. But not for Kris. He might be named after the big guy in red, but Kris is more Scrooge than Santa. 

Until he wakes up from a night of partying with his friends to find himself in possession of a Santa suit, a toy bag and a puppy. Kris soon discovers that he’s been relegated to Santa’s naughty list and there’s only one way to get his name removed....put on the suit and spread some cheer. 

Lucky for Kris every cloud has a silver snowflake and his quest to get off that list lands him in the arms of the woman he’s been lusting after for years. 

It takes a little magic, but Kris is about to get everything he didn’t even know he wanted for Christmas. 


If you ever wanted to read about a Christmas Miracle, start here. Kris Kringle, starts off as a man wanting nothing more than to leave, get away from where he lives and everything involved there. That is, everything but Holly the female who has held his attention from childhood. 
One night something happens and he ends up taking over as Santa and warming the hearts of the town, Holly and shockingly even himself. 
The characters are well written, realistic in every way. Holly has her doubts about Kris, and herself, seeing nothing of worth that he could possibly be attracted to. By the end your belief in Christmas miracles as well as romance will be renewed.  I only wished there had been more. More time to watch as the relationship between Kris and Holly grew, more time to watch them battle each other and their feelings for each other before giving in. While the characters were well written and likable, the story seemed to move a tad fast for me. I would have liked to see her rebuff him more, turn him away before letting him into her life. Maybe have Joy be a little more hesitant in welcoming him into their lives as well, seeing as she barely knew this man. It just seemed a bit rushed to me. But none the less, the story was one of romance, just the way every woman hopes a new romance will begin after losing her hope.

Erin Quinn is an award winning author who writes haunting romance for the thinking reader.  Her books have been called “riveting,” “brilliantly plotted” and “beautifully written” and have won, placed or showed in in number awards.  Look for THE THREE FATES OF RYAN LOVE, coming in January from Pocket Books.  Go to for more information.

Naughty St. Nick

by Calista Fox

Category: Romance/Holidays*, Romance Short Story (under two hours), Christmas, Sexy, Magic, Paranormal

Sub Categories: Christmas, Magic, Santa, Sexy

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‘Tis the season for Christmas miracles... 

Having landed himself on Santa’s Naughty List, Nick Santos is given a chance at redemption. Granted, he’s tasked with some daunting challenges—pimping Santa’s ride and fixing the town’s holiday bling in the once year-round Christmas Capital of the World, North Pole, Maine. But playing Secret Santa comes with some unexpected perks, like finally catching the eye of the woman who sparks his deepest desires, Vixen White. 

Vixen has no idea what’s come over Nick this holiday season, but his good deeds around town help her to remember the magic of Christmas, long forgotten. And his sexy grin and a searing, stolen kiss under mistletoe have her wishing her dream of being Naughty St. Nick’s one and only will finally come true. 

All she has to believe. 


The author has created believable characters and an easy to follow story line. For me the romance was wonderful, I loved the fact that she had loved him all those years and was finally getting her chance with him, and for him he had always wanted her but never had the courage to tell her. In one night he gets the kick he needs to change everything and the courage to tell her how he feels. Again though, the story ran a little fast for me. 
I would have liked to have seen things drawn out more, seen him pursue her and her make him work for it. I would have liked to have seen them work at the relationship to overcome all the things that held them back from one another in the first place. I'm a romantic at heart, and love the fact that they connected the way they did, however the romance was lost by the rushed ending. 

Calista Fox is a former PR professional, now writing fast-paced, steamy books to set your pulse racing--including the BURNED DEEP trilogy, coming in 2015 from St. Martin's Press! She is an Amazon bestseller and has won Reviewer’s and Reader’s Choice Awards, as well as a Best Book Award, and competitions with publication as the prize.

Romancing Rudy Raindear

by Mary Leo

Category: Fantasy Romance

Sub Categories: Holidays, Secret Santas, Fantasy, Christmas, Bad Boys, Sexy

North Pole, Main is a curious town where Christmas is celebrated all year long. And this Christmas is no exception. Unfortunately, Rudy no longer believes in Christmas and has gotten on Santa's naughty list. Rudy's red nose proves it. That is until Jenny Bells takes on the challenge of showing him just what 'being good' really means.  

USA Today bestselling author Mary Leo writes contemporary romance, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and mystery. She loves to travel for research while she’s writing a book, or for that matter, even when she’s not writing a book . . . which always leads to yet another book.


Much like the first two, I loved the romance feature in this one. The red nose was a nice touch, kind of like a Pinocchio story but with a Christmas hint. The story played out well and the characters were easy to follow. The story line itself was one I could see happening in the real world. Rudy finally admits how he feels and even though he messes up, he redeems himself. 
My only issue, as with the others, was the rush. Everything that happens, does so in such a quick fashion that I have a hard time connecting to it. I love fiction and a good romance as much as the next person, but for all this to happen in a two week span was a bit much for me to grasp and believe. If you're looking for a quick romance, than this Novella series is perfect for you. 

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Therian Secrets- The Mercenary by Johanna Rae.

Ok, so I will start this off by saying...RUN, not walk to Amazon Kindle books, as soon as you finish this review and get your hands on this book. You will NOT regret it. Now....On to the review. 

Therian Secrets 1: The Mercenary

By: Johanna Rae 

Publication Date: August 28, 2012  
Buy it on Amazon   
Genre: Paranormal 
Audience: Adult
Cover: Done by the amazing Tracey Soxie Weston at Soxsational Cover Art


 When twenty-three-year-old Jodie Fletcher realizes shape-shifters are real—and that they’re trying to kill her—she finds herself thrust into a life of danger and unimaginable intrigue. With both parents away, and her newly-single alcoholic brother Luke camped in the spare bedroom, Jodie feels like she’s drowning in a world she doesn’t understand. The only thing she can count on is the leopard who has taken it upon himself to protect her. She cannot ignore the raw emotion he awakens in her and longs for more. The leopard becomes not only her savior, but her escape.

Mysterious and unpredictable, leopard shifter Danny Archer hides behind his dimpled smile and pretty boy fa├žade. What’s more, he has a second job the human population doesn’t know about—the one that leads him to Jodie and Luke. Archer feels an instant connection with Jodie, and must find a way to balance his volatile lifestyle to include her.

Luke Fletcher became an alcoholic long before his wife left him. Now he faces the brutal reality that the past has caught up with him. He made a series of bad choices while under the influence, which have placed his sister and his two young daughters in danger. Luke must try to find the man he used to be in order to survive the chaos he’s inflicted. He knows he won’t be able to live with himself if anything happens to his family.


What can I say but...WOW. I had no idea what to expect when I picked up this book but it seriouslt blew me away. I started it and the next thing I knew it was 4 hours later, and I hadn't slept a wink, was still clutching my iPad, the book still on the screen, and my eyes still glued to the words. I laughed, I cried, hell at some points I even thought I would die if it didn't hurry up and give me what I knew was coming, but was too damn impatient to wait for.  I can honestly say that this is one series I will be following until the end. Especially since this is only the first and I have already laid claim to one of the characters, can't leave now, I have too much invested. 

Jodie Fletcher is an amazing character and through the entire book, never ceased to amaze me with her strength and determination. She had been through so much and was going through enough in her life, having to take care of her brother Luke and his two girls Rose and Gracie, yet through it all, she put everything in her own life aside. When She meets the mysterious Leopard in her yard, everything changes.
Her life starts to change and everything from there on out just gets even more complicated, but in the best of ways. She is everything I could ever hope to be in a heroine. If I ever needed a female to kick ass at my side, I am so calling Jodie. Be it a pitchfork or whatever, this is one bad ass female. Not to mention she has two amazing best friends watching her back all the time, her rocks so to speak, Laura and Ainsley. Extremely loveable characters, even if one does like to avoid anything that would make a normal persons head spin, and the other is...shall we say...a little...abrasive at times, but with the best of intentions always.

Danny Archer is a hunk of a man with many secrets, first of all is that he's a shifter, more importantly he's a Leopard shifter. He comes into Jodie's life and stirs the pot even more, offering her something she never thought she would have. The connection is blazing from the very start and only gets hotter as the book goes on. Right from the start I fell in love with his character, and even though another owns my heart.....*grins* Danny really won my respect with his sweetness, caring and devotion to Jodie. To some he may seem like a lot of trouble, he's stubborn, and has his secrets, as do many, but he's determined to hold onto his secrets if it means keeping the woman he loves safe. 
The leader of a very important organization, Danny has to keep his head about himself and manage to make everything work. Somehow, this normally cool and planned out man has gotten himself into a situation where all he used to think as normal, has been blown out the window, all because of Jodie. Can they make it work? Will he ever be normal again? If he gonna be a big softie and make everyone fall head over heels for him....well DUH of course, he's just that awesome. 

 Luke Fletcher is a mess from the start. Things have not gone right for him and through the book they only lead to more ups and downs. He loses his wife, turns to alcohol and then finds himself having to rely on his sister and his best friend to pick his butt up and make some sense of himself. When his two daughters are dropped on him he has to smarten up even more. He has more downs than ups but he powers through them with the love of his sister and her determination to make sure that everything ends well. He hits some massive lows and made me literally want to reach through the screen and wring his damn, fool neck...but then he would do something so sweet and redeem himself, just a little. 

And the hottness doesn't stop there...Enter Leon, Rufus, Jarvis, Eddie, Adam, Doug, Mark, Zach, Laura, Ainsley, Summer, and Jenna. Every character in this book is amazing in their own way and the story just blew me away. I am a HUGE fan of shifters, but this book has so much more than a normal shifter book does.  Normally we get Large Cats or Wolves...Johanna gives us a House Cat, Tasmanian Devil, Kodiak Bears, Polar Bears, Snow Leopards, Regular Leopards, New Zealand Falcon, Ngarara Lizard, Siberian Tiger, Boars, and Goodness only knows what else she has planned for us. All I know is..there is SOOO much more I could say about this book, but I don't want to ruin anything for you. Just trust me and get your ass out there and buy this book....Here's the best part...It's a SERIES!!  Get them all, and keep your eyes open.  I have even more reviews planned as I make my way through the rest of the series. Cause I sure as hell ain't stopping here. 


Johanna Rae Twitter:
The Mercenary Amazon:Therian Secrets 1: The Mercenary
The Mercenary GoodReads: Therian Secrets 1: The Mercenary