Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wicked Fate by Tabatha Vargo


What if you lived in fear of yourself?

For Mage McPherson being afraid of herself is just the norm. Thanks to that fear, being a loner in a small town never bothered the mysterious Mage. Once she received her secret abilities, she figured being alone was the safest way to be. That all changes during her sophomore year at Summerville High when Adam, her equally mysterious secret crush, starts to notice her.

Afraid that she might harm Adam, Mage must learn to either control or deny herself. With Adam by her side she's more powerful than she?s ever been, but is she powerful enough to defeat her worst nightmare? She learns a hard lesson about love and magic when her destiny comes to collect.


If you are looking for a book about love, being different and making it through everything thrown at you then this is the book for you.
I picked up this book to read and could not put it down until it was finished, and even then I was upset that it was over so soon.

Mage McPherson is the type of person that everyone avoids, claiming she is weird, or dangerous. But this is ok with her because she likes to be alone.  

Not fully understanding the things that happen to her she lives her life her own way. Until one day she meets a new girl, and then the guy she has a huge crush on makes his way into her life and burrows deep. Now she has to figure out how to live her life with others instead of just herself.

Being able to see spirits, and move things with her mind, not to mention the wild array of other things that come along on her 16th birthday, Mage finds her life turned upside down completely, and all she ha to keep her grounded is Adam.

What happens can only be described as a wonderful story of life and love and making the best of everything.  I am desperately waiting more ad I need to know how this story ends. 

Tabatha catches your attention very fast with this book.  Her characters and words are so full of life and so easy to hold onto that you will never want the story to end.

                                                                      Wicked Fate

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  1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. <3