Saturday, 24 August 2013

Anita Blake Series by Laurell K Hamilton

Today, I am going to review one of the best book series in MY opinion.

Do you like Werewolves, WereTigers, Wereleopards, Vampires, and kickass people???

Then this series is for you.  

I was first introduced to this series by my brother and I have never looked back, instead I sit and count the days until a new book is going to join the rest. And in the mean time I re-read the series that is already out over and over.

Laurell K Hamilton has packed so much romance, action, and yes even sex into such a wonderful series that you can't help but fall in love with the characters. You can't help but feel the emotions as raw as they do in the books and shed a few tears (maybe more than a few) When someone gets hurts or worse. 

This series is about a woman named Anita Blake, who starts off as an animator slash Vampire Hunter. What does that mean?, well it means she wakes the dead. Brings them back to life, briefly, so family can say a final goodbye, or have their say in a court case, or just to find out what happened, but she also slays the dead. Brings bad little vampires to justice and helps the police on cases involving the paranormal when they are being bad children. She starts off as a typical woman who is NOT a fan of the undead, and would never get involved with a paranormal being of any kind, yet, as the series goes on, she finds herself giving her heart away to more than one.

First it's Richard Zeeman, a sexy, hot bodied, yummy werewolf who steals her heart. Then she falls for Jean Claude, the Master Vampire who also steals her heart, among other things *wink wink*.
Along the lines, or in this case books, she finds herself falling deeply in love with both men and knows she has to make a choice but really doesn't want to. 

As you read, you find that she falls for more than just them, and winds up welcoming more men (so to speak) into her heart, and into her life (not to mention her bed). Enter Micah the sexy Wereleopard, and Nathaniel the ever lovely Wereleopard. Jason the hottie Werewolf, who doesn't steal her heart like the others, but in the end finds his own special place in her heart and life. She soon adds Tigers, to her bevy of lovers not to mention a few more sweet, sexy Vampires.

Her best friend in the world though, is a fellow Vampire Hunter named Edward, who we find out later actually has two lives he lives. Although they don't start off on the best of terms, or as the best of friends, they are always there when the other needs. As the series goes on, you 509 will find that their friendship becomes one of great trust and respect, and yes even love, in their own way. 

Every time I pick up one of these books I can never put it down until the whole thing is finished, and even then it's only to pick up the next one and keep reading.  I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves the paranormal and loves a good book packed with everything you could ever ask for and more.

The series has also been adapted into a graphic novel series, that this girl, would LOVE to get her hands on and add to my collection.  I hope you enjoyed my review, and I really hope you enjoy the series.

Laurell K Hamilton Website
Laurell K Hamilton Amazon Author Page

“My name is Anita Blake. Vampires call me “The Executioner”. What I call them isn’t repeatable.
Ever since the Supreme Court granted the undead equal rights, most people think vampires are just ordinary folks with fangs. I know better. I’ve seen their victims. I carry the scars…
But now a serial killer is murdering vampires—and the most powerful bloodsucker in town wants me to find the killer… “
“In a world where vampires, zombies and werewolves have been declared legal citizens of the United States, Anita Blake is an “animator” – a profession that involves raising the dead for mourning relatives. But Anita is also known as a fearsome hunter of criminal vampires, and she’s often employed to investigate cases that are far too much for conventional police. But as Anita gains the attention of the vampire masters of her hometown of St Louis, she also risks revealing an intriguing secret about herself – the source of her unusual strength and power.”


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