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A Place For Cliff by Talon ps

And here we are readers, with another great Dominion of Brothers Series. This time it's A Place For Cliff. An amazing boom about love and loss. This is the second book in the series and a definite must NOT miss.  And now...onto the review.

A Place For Cliff
Dominion of Brothers Series: Book 2
Written by Talon p.s.

MM / Erotic Romance / some D/s & light bdsm
Abandoned by his parents and left to tend to his sick sister since he was nineteen, Cliff has done little more than wonder thru his existence. That is until the Patronus Diesel Gentry sends him to meet Pyotr Laszkovi. A man nearly twice his age but his impeccable looks and debonair sexuality has Cliff falling like a love sick puppy for the man. Problem is Cliff is about two threads from coming completely undone as a human being. Despite this Pyotr sees in him an irresistible young man who satisfies his needs like no other and is willing to be there to catch Cliff when he unravels and stay at his side during the hardest goodbye of all.

Teaser 2:

Cliff didn’t want to feel. Not that. Anything, but that. Tears began to stream down Cliff’s cheeks then stopped as if a dam had been instantaneously constructed to wall them up. A combination of fear of what he did not want to feel and the brazen sensation that suffered his skin relentlessly. His cock bobbed, hard, aching to be touched. But, Pyotr never did, touching only where the radiating sting from the leather that had whipped his body into an overload of sensation.
Cliff fought inside himself, the pressure in his mind ticking away just inside his forehead, like an ice pick just tapping to get out. His cock swelled until it ached. The tears in his eyes threatened to break past his final defense and spill out along with everything he’d fought to keep bottled up inside. He had to be strong for Kimmi because if he let it out who would be strong for him.
His flesh stung, hot like crimson coals— sweet and brandishing at the same time, sending tumultuous waves over numbing static across his nerve endings.  Every time Pyotr told him to feel, Cliff’s grasp slipped a little more. Until finally when his lover ripped the string that ran the length of Cliff’s body, taking with it the twenty-five or so clamps that pinched at his flesh and that soft loving voice once more told him to feel— he did.
Feeling emotions— thoughts— words— they detached from Cliff’s mind— his control failed. It all came rushing out of his mouth at once like a tsunami, followed by it were the sobbing tears, and the vocalization that he was afraid for himself if Kimmi died. He was afraid of being alone without her. He was afraid someone would judge him for being selfish in the wake of her death. That once she was gone— Cliff couldn’t hold it back anymore, he tossed his head back and screamed what he had tried to hide from even himself. “I WON’T BE NEEDED ANY MORE!” Cliff screamed. “BY ANYONE! I WON’T HAVE A PLACE!!”
The trapped emotion was too much to bear and Cliff felt fractures— the last thread unraveling and withered away, undoing the walls of his fortress. Fear seized his heart and sorrow freed it. The tide was rushing through now, breaking its way through the fissure and gaining momentum beyond his control.
Cliff felt none of his defenses, along with his consciousness, he crumbled.


From the very first book Cliff was not my favorite character. He struck me as self obsessed, egotistical, with a serious "The world owes me something" attitude. I literally wanted to shove him off a cliff myself just for his arrogance at thinking he could ever take the role of Dominus.
That was before reading this book. Through the series you get to know a little more about Cliff, but in A Place for Cliff, it really opens your eyes to the life he's been through. The hardships he's had to endure for someone his age, and they are not things anyone his age should be going through.  Thanks to Deisel Gentry, Cliff is sent to someone for help. Someone to help him open himself up and realize what it is HE needs, in order to get his life on track and come to any sort of peace with himself. What ends up happening is so much more than even he could ever imagine.
Cliff is left to take care of his ailing sister, Leukemia. Their parents up and leave one day, abandoning them both. At such a young age, Cliff suddenly finds himself the sole provider for them both. Just when they think Kimmie is starting to get better, and things are looking up tragedy strikes.
Enter Pyotr Laszkovi , the amazing psychologist who opens Cliff's world to so many possibilities and most of He shows Cliff that no matter what, he DOES, deserve to be loved, and he does deserve the best things in life. Pyotr is there for Cliff through everything, including the hardest thing he will ever have to go through in life, saying goodbye. But through it all Pyotr stayed bu his side, loving him, showing him what it was like to be loved, wanted, and giving him a place for himself, so when everything is said and done, Cliff knows that he is always wanted, always loved, and there is always a place for him in Pyotrs heart, and life.
I finished this book with tears streaming down my face just from the emotions and love that radiated from every single page, and with every tap of my table the tears flowed a little more, the laughter rang through the room and my heart swelled with more and more love for this amazing pair. I can honestly say this book touched a personal spot in my heart, having lost a family member to cancer and watching the trials and pain they go through, both patient and family, so for me this book was more than just a story, it was personal, and that made it all the better and all the more wonderful that Talon could take something so heart wrenching, and turn it into something so amazing that it tugged at every heart string.
This book will always be burned into my heart. 



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