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Rough Attraction by Talon ps

Welcome back to another addition of the twins.  This is the third book in the Dominion of Brothers Series, and the stories just keep getting hotter and hotter.....Hope you're ready for this ride.....


Dominion of Brothers series; Book 3
Written by Talon ps & Princess so

MM / Erotic Romance
Like brimstone and caramel. When two men come together with a Rough Attraction that burns as fast as Nitrous Oxide in their veins, it’s hard to find the cruise control and trust that they can make this last for the long run.

Life and relationships aren’t always neat and clean, or come in perfect little packages. Maxum St. Laurents knows this all too well. After being in a four-year relationship that does everything but bring him pleasure and fulfillment, he finds himself struggling to keep working at it. It doesn’t help matters that the man who satisfies every need and want he could have is the man he is having an affair with. And for Maxum, affairs don’t translate into long term relationships.
Darko Laszkovi just couldn’t help himself when he spotted the handsome man ranting over a flat tire on the side of the road. Moreover, he couldn’t be happier when the reward turned into an insatiable lover he hoped to keep for the long run. But, despite the rough attraction that holds them to each other like power-magnets, when Maxum struggles to let go of a relationship that doesn’t work; Darko’s patience and understanding that we aren’t always where we want to be, gets tested to the max.


In less than an hour, they’d dressed and arrived at the motorcycle shop where Darko worked. Maxum bounced in place; his hands buried in his heavy wool coat to stave off the cold night air and tried his best not to look guilty. Even though he knew Darko worked here and had a set of keys, something about showing up afterhours just felt like breaking and entering. In addition, certainly the local patrol officer would see it that way, too.
Once inside, Darko locked it back up and led the way to the machine shop in back before turning any lights on. Maxum hung back at the door to the room watching as Darko went over to the workbench and picked up a few things then turned to face him. In his right hand, Darko held up a piston casing with a holding cell made to take a piston rod approximately two inches in diameter.
This— is your Simeon.” Darko waved the casing in his hand. Then held up the item in his left hand. A steel drive shaft, only it was square with rounded corners, not spherical like a typical shaft would be and it was about an inch wider than the hole in the piston casing. “This— is you.” He pushed the two pieces together before him and just as anyone would expect the square peg did not fit in the round hole. “No amount of time or effort will ever make these two fit together in a manner that will work.” Darko’s arms dropped around his sides as he walked over to a lathe machine, popped the cover, then set and locked the drive shaft into place. Maxum watched acutely as it only took him a fraction of a minute to line up the shaver, closed the shield and turned it on.
Darko didn’t even look at the shaft as it was being cut away, he looked dead on at him. Maxum watched as curls of shaved steel fell away, pooling up under the shaft as it was cut and reshaped into something else. When the lathe stopped, Darko popped the hood, pulled out a perfectly round two-inch diameter rod and then slid it into the hole of the casing. “Now, you can be with Simeon.” He tossed it carelessly to the floor. The casing and rod bouncing across the concrete floor in a loud clatter before coming to a stop, that oddly looked like a deformed penis. But, Maxum’s attention went back to Darko when he pulled on a leather work glove and scooped up the pile of shavings left behind on the lathe table. Like a giant brillo pad having a bad hair day. “This—” Darko held the wad of curled steel up, “this was you. This is everything about you, and what you had to give up just so you could force yourself to fit inthat.” He nodded to the steal dick on the floor then tossed the shavings in the garbage.
Maxum was waiting for Darko to brush past him and just leave him there, gutted and wounded. Stripped of his moral of having a man he could spend the rest of his life with, only to be abandoned in the greasy machine shop with his lonely withered heart on the floor at his feet. What he got was something quite different when Darko came face to face, grabbed the back of his neck, and pulled him in for an emotionally heated kiss. Maxum was naked inside it and fuck if he didn’t feel the sting of tears in his eyes. He was defenseless against those too. He was broken down, so lost between what he thought was the right thing to do, and what he felt inside. And in that kiss he surrendered himself to the man who was hell bent to set him free, but not let go. Darko released their kiss, but never pulled back, keeping their foreheads together as Maxum held onto him for dear life.
This— this works.” Darko’s voice was deep and warm like a nighttime brandy meant to sooth all those harbored chills. “We fit. When there are no lows— there are no highs either. A roller coaster can’t give you a thrill if you don’t climb and jump off a few hills.”
As if the man had been machined to precision perfection for just him. The very words Maxum had concluded to himself silently, the night he had run to Darko for consoling for his wrong doings, came back to him now in the very analogy Darko just showed him.
Further to his surprise and weakened condition, Darko asked—
“Stay with me, please. Stay, so you don’t go home feeling totally hollow inside. Let me fill that spot, if just for one more night. Please.” Darko actually asked him to stay and then kissed him again as if he were a long lost lover who’d just come home.


This one, I can definitely say, struck my heart. 
In this book we meet Darko Laszkovi, not that we haven't already met him...but this time we get to know him better...and BOOOOYYYY do we meet him. *fans self* All he wants is to find someone he can love, someone he can devote himself to and spoil in everything he can do and more. Enter.....his knight in shiny armor...
Maxum St Laurent....
Having just bought a brand new car, a snazy fancy model, it get's a flat. Maxum doesn't have to wait long for salvation though, because strapped to a sleek, sexy motorcycle is the sexy as hell Darko ready to swoop in and save the day, and the flat, and....the sex life.
After fixing the tire one thing leads to another and BAM, Darko finds himself swept up in a world he's only thought about..meanwhile Maxum finds himself battling himself and his feelings all at once. The world opens and threatens to swallow them both whole.
As the book goes on you follow these two through hot sex, tearful moments, anger, more hot sex, whitty comebacks, and yes...pajama clad prissy gays.....
I swear, at one point I was ready to throw my tablet (Note this becomes a habit with Talon and Princess books) because Maxum was infuriating me so much with his back and forth, and refusal to admit what was right in front of his face the whole time, but we all know that in the end he will do what's right and follow his heart.
If you haven't started the series, put this book down and get your ass back to the beginning......Trust me, you WANT to read these books.


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