Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Bottom Feeders By Armada West

Jill Corvin lives her life in the fast lane, even dating a notorious drug dealer - but she can kiss it all goodbye when a deal goes unimaginably wrong. Now she's an unwilling participant in a holy war where vampires serve as God's huntsmen, taking down the tainted doppelgangers of mankind and the human slayers who release them from their hellish prison.

The vampires had been losing their crusade until fate leads them to Jillian, a budding psychic who can help them track down the slayer's ringleaders, but only if she can resist an offer from the ultimate enemy to the vampires' cause: The rogue Vlad Dracula.

Ok, I can only start this review off by saying.WWWWOOOOOWWWWW !!!
 Seriously. This was one of the most nail biting books I have read in a long time The story starts off a little slow, but when it hits you, believe me IT HITS.

You meet a really awesome girl named Jillian who doesn't seem to realise just how special she really is. She has something that others want Those others being Vampires. Some good and some bad people. She is also in a very bad situation and has a guardian angel try to warn her off but she is stubborn.

Things seems to be at their worst at times, but this feisty woman makes the most of it and wins back herself....or so she thinks. She has some serious choices to make and they will either alter her life forever or...well either way her life will never be the same again after what she goes through. You really do need to read it to get the full effect and find out more All I can say is, it will change your view on Vampires and life in general. It opens doors that have never been opened before and I loved it.

I am so glad I read this book, and anxiously await more, as I NEED to know what happens or I may burst from waiting.  Seriously, it left at such a cliffhanger I am dying to know what happens to everyone.

                                                                    Bottom Feeders

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