Friday, 30 November 2012

The Black Lily Club by Chelle

Jasmine is a woman with a history of bad relationships and an inability to find a man to satiate her needs. One day she receives an invitation to an exclusive private club. What the hell, might as well give something different a try before swearing off men all together…right?

Marcus is a two hundred year old vampire who owns The Black Lillie Club, a safe place for vampires to seek their mates and partake in their darkest desires. He has been searching for his soul mate since his turning.

Can the Vampire who created this haven finally find his true soul mate? Can Jasmine find bliss in the hands of a stranger?

Contains: spanking, whips, cuffs, and strong BDSM scenes

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review:

  I have to say, I have read a lot of BDSM and Erotica over the years and never have I been as intrigued by a book as I did with this one.

Never having fully been sated in hunger involving sex Jasmine seeks other means of sexual release. She finds herself at the Black Lily Club, and looking in to the eyes of the most beautiful man she has ever seen. She feels things never had she felt before.

She also gets involved in things she had never tried before, but always been curious. Only to fins she loves it. She loves the new world she had stepped into and finds herself falling more into the world and the man involved in the world.

She must make a choice by the end to walk away and never look back, or to fully emerse herself in the life and the love of this new world, what will she choose?

Buy the book and find out. Believe me you will not be sorry you did, and you may even find yourself wanting to try a little BDSM to spice up YOUR life.  

                                            The Black Lily Club

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