Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Crimson Shadow 2: Sins of the Father by Nathan Squiers

Xander’s had it rough…

…and while the trials and tribulations of the young vampire’s life have left him with a fiery rage, things are finally beginning to come together. Armed with his trusty revolvers, Yin and Yang, and a thirst for death and destruction, there is nothing that his expertise and fury can’t stand against!

Except the spell-binding Estella…


Estella finally has her best friend back…

…and, despite her many years of training in the art of magic, it wasn’t until recently that she discovered just how deep the paranormal world goes. But no matter how overwhelming the revelations might be, she’s found reassurance and comfort in the depths of Xander’s supernatural embrace…


With their relationship’s intensity growing, a new threat emerges from Stryker family’s past; one with a personal vendetta and visceral goals. Even with the help of some unlikely new allies, will the paranormal pair(and their blossoming relationship) be able survive the infernal rage?


I waited for this book and it seriously did NOT disappoint. 

The writing is as always, epic. It pulls you right into the story and holds you captive until the very last letter.

Xander, once again goes through harsh and rough times in order to get his life inline, so to speak.  He is falling in love with his best friend, and must decide what to do about it.

Meanwhile someone is out for him in a very BIG way, and he has to protect himself, his best friend and his mentor.  What happens to him is more then anyone could ever want to go through.

I cannot go into detail but let me just say that tears were shed more than once, as Mr. Squiers leads you into a world where what you want to happen, is NOT what will happen. You cannot be prepared for what is about to happen to you as you read this book.

Get this book, and get ready for yet another masterpiece in horror, gore, love, and pain as you follow Xander Stryker into more of his life, as he tries to find his way and make things better......But be warned...the ending WILL leave you wanting WAY more. I know I am gonna die until the next book is in my hands. 

And a small note of Thanks to the Literary dark Prince for his wonderful words in the end.  I read the last page and more tears came out. I will be eternally grateful.

                               Crimson Shadow 2: Sins of the Father

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  1. Glad you enjoyed and, as always, I'm thrilled to know that I could use my writing to elicit such an emotional response. CS#3 (working title, "Killing Loneliness") will be available on Valentine's Day of next year ^_^

    Many thanks & much love,
    Nathan Squiers
    (The Literary Dark Prince)