Saturday, 1 December 2012

Wicked Dreams and Beautiful Nightmares by J Lee Akers

Have you ever read a book of poetry that touched you completely?

One that talked about butterflies, werewolves, life and more?

Well if you haven't then you need to get this book.

it is filled with the beautiful words of J Lee Akers.

She describes things in such detail and such beauty that you cannot help but fall in love with her words.

Read about how free butterflies are in "Butterflies", and how much they can make you happy just watching them.

Or  about a woman who is so distraught over something that she feels the only way out is to end her life over the one she loves in "Death of a Flapper".

Think of a lost love while you dream of hos things used to be in "I Still Think of You"

Read these poems and many more wonderful words in her amazing book of poetry. I encourge you to get it and follow her words to your own hearts.

                                Wicked Dreams and Beautiful Nightmares

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