Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Wicked Devices by Josephine Ballowe

Lisbette, a specialist in expensive role-play has met her match in Malcolm. When this mysterious stranger and his companion, Persephone, quite literally take her to the banks of Hell, will they make Lisbette expose her darkest desires that reveal the truth about her past? Or is Hell really more like Heaven?

Leave any inhibitions at the door and enjoy the Wicked Devices.

Are you looking for a naughty book to stuff a stocking with? Or just to give to someone as a really good read, that will set their blood on fire and make them want more.

Well this is the book for you then.

Lisbette walks into a world she has never known before, and never even suspected existed. And now she can never leave.  But she finds that she may not wanna leave as much as she thought.

New feelings and arousal are heightened as soon as she takes her first step down.

Follow along as she finds out who she is and what she feels.

I know I followed along, and I am very glad I did.  I am excited and hoping for more of this desirable woman's life.

                                              Wicked Devices

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