Monday, 15 December 2014

Bond of the Lycaon Concubine by Talon ps and Princess so

 BOND OF THE LYCAON CONCUBINE ~ the Lycotharian Collection
By Talon ps and Princess so

GENRE: Paranormal shifter/MF/Erotic Romance/Explicit language
WORD COUNT: 37,697 {approx 91 pages}

Welcome to Immortal Crimson Reviews. Every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays we will be featuring a new book, interview whatever with the twins Talon ps and Princess so. Everything you could ever want to know about themselves and their amazing writing will be on display for all.

 Every Wednesday will be a review. I will personally read one of their books and review it here for you to read.  There may even be some giveaways so make sure you read everything, you never know when that giveaway will be based on a test *winks*.

Talon and Princess are two amazing writers. They write mostly M/M genre but they do write F/M and more, and believe me whatever it is they touch, they heat up a room with just their simple words. I have the pleasure of knowing Princess personally and an honored to call her a friend. I never had the pleasure of meeting Talon, but from what I hear he was an amazing person and I would have loved him regardless. 

And now for our first book.

Bond of the Lycaon Concubine. 


“So you think you know the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf? Think again...”

Raina grew up with the faint memories of her grandmother’s fairytales. Tales that told her she was a part of something far greater than her lonely nomadic life gave existence to. But when she finds she’s been among the one thing she desired most, can she let go of her more human-raising to submit to it?

Tristan has had a wild hunger for the saucy minx ever since she started working at the Hell hound Tavern. When a close call with a rival pack meant risking exposing the beast he was to Raina, he wasn’t expecting her to submit to the beast as his mate. As the Beta to the pack Alpha, Tristan can’t keep a mate to himself, but the secret she holds says otherwise.

But keeping a Lycaon Concubine might mean leaving the pack in order to protect his Alpha, who’s status has kept a pack 500 strong safe for generations.



Reviews are a vital source of word-of-mouth for an author, and every author loves to get reviews (well not the one star rated ones, lol) and to show you how much we APPRECIATE you taking the time to post one. We are going to give away a basket FULL of naughtiness to one luck winner.
The Reviewer Appreciation Naughty Basket Give-a-way will be running from now and until the end of January. ALL you have to do to enter is leave a review for ANY ONE of our 13 titles on Amazon. Send a link to your review to us in an email and you are entered. You can enter up to 13 times. (13 reviews).
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Rough Attraction
Taking Over Trofim (not shown)
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While we’d hope that your review will be a good one, there is no rating requirement. We are not making this offer in order to bribe readers for false high rating, rather we just want to show how much we appreciate you taking the time to leave one and make the experiences rewarding for you too.
To enter:
  • Leave a review for any one of the books from Talon ps & Princess so on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. With 13 books out, that gives you thirteen chance to enter to win!
QUANTUM MATES: What Torin Wants
DEAR SOLDIER, WITH LOVE II: A Lost Soldier Named Grey
UN HAVRE POUR CLIFF (French Edition: A Place for Cliff)

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Thank you so much for joining us today. Check back on Wednesday when I will be reviewing Big Spoon and Teddy Bear, another great release by the twins. I hope you check out their stuff.

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