Monday, 29 December 2014

Keeping His Destiny by Princess so and Talon ps

Welcome to Mondays edition of the Twins. Today we will be telling you about Keeping His Destiny, a Sci Fi book that is sure to set fires under your romance meters. 


In the distance, she heard or thought she heard a familiar voice singing to her.
Weak and in pain, Aari slid from one rusted shell to another, following the sound, until she reached the trees, and from there, the trees and stands of scrub became her crutch. Each step, both excruciating libations to Destiny and whatever gods existed that she was not finished yet, and she would earn her place in this world to remain in it.
The voice she had heard drew closer, she was most certain now she knew what it was, and she pressed on.
She reached the end of the woods and stopped, peering out, having happened upon a small camp of men hunkering around a canister fire alongside one of the rail trains from old world under a slight overhang, rusted and grown over like most anything else, but it was an ideal home for slummers. And with them the voice of her code talker telling a tale in the form of a hymn on a low band radio.
Aari didn’t care, she could barely walk any further and the sunlight was fading again. She would not survive another night without a fire. So at the risk of everything, she stumbled out of the trees towards them.
The code talker’s song ended and he spoke of a tale. One word stuck out—
She nearly burst into tears as she rushed toward the men— towards the fire can— and the radio voice who spoke of Tannin.
One of the men spotted her and jumped to his feet, swinging a rifle around pointedly at her. “Who goes there?”
Aari didn’t stop, for she knew if she did, she’d never get back up again. She stumbled but caught herself before going down, her eyes fixated on the canister fire.
“Tulo, let her through.” Someone else called out.
Aari hung her head, her eyes watched wearily as the man on guard slowly lowered the rifle and stepped aside. She stalled— teetering— trying to keep up right, needing to make those last few steps before she could not. “The code talker, what does he say? Do you know what he is saying?” She pleaded with them with hopes they understood the code talkers words, “He spoke of the titan.”
The men exchanged looks, before one answered. A gangly fellow wrapped with several layers of clothes, his thin gray hair pulled back and tied with a cord. He swallowed, listening, then began to translate. “He sings of the Titan. How he is moving, stepping over mountains— he is looking for the lost one. He says the lost one is still alive and needs Titan’s help.”



So there you have it, do what you will with it, but make sure you come back on Wednesday for another addition of The Twins, when I'll be posting my own personal review of Keeping His Destiny. Thank you for stopping by and remember to keep checking the book store for new additions. 

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