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Big Spoon and Teddy Bear by Princess so

Well it's Wednesday, and you know what that means...Yup, another post about the twins. This one is a review post...lucky you....*laughs* Today I will be posting a review and information on the book Big Spoon and Teddy Bear by Princess so.


Publisher: Proud Indy
Cover Art by: Princess S.O.
Word count: 35k


Big Spoon & Teddy Bear
Princess so 
MM-Gay Romance/ Mature Men’s Romance / Sports Fiction / Healing
For years Gage has been turning men into steel, athletes into warriors of strength, competitors into medalists. But Gage isn’t looking for any more empty trophies, he’s looking for something far more meaningful.
When Gage takes a new job at an old gym, he doesn’t expect his entire life to get a workout, just a change of pace. At first it doesn’t seem like much and about the only plus is the endless view of rugged and well worked man-candy in the form of weightlifters and Strongman competitors that he’d be training and working with. He figures he has it made the minute he walks in the front door in that sense. But in truth, it isn’t enough. He wants a place to set down roots. More importantly, he wants someone to take root with.
Because he’s gay, Gage had always been told to just be happy with what he got, but there’s something about Boomer. A quiet, towering mountain of a Bear that was the gym’s manager who has Gage hoping for more than just daydreaming about the large physique. And that alone promises to put a spark back into the life of a lonely, freckled ginger.
You’re never too old for a teddy bear, right?


He felt a little restless. Perhaps just a matter of his first week finally being established it was a stepping stone for him. The first of many steps to building a new life here and he kind of had that need to celebrate the jitter in him. So he hopped on his BossHoss, cranked her up, and went cruising.
He headed north towards the old haunts. Some things had definitely changed. A few new apartment buildings had replaced some of the old warehouses that had once been taken over by the artsy people and converted into studios. He could recall a few street fairs they held, often to the dislike of road traffic, but always fun to stop by and check out the creations. Further down, something old gave way to a new movie theatre— somewhere else a new strip mall. Yet where ever he looked someone was huddled in an alcove to an old storefront’s doorway, bundled up in a tattered blanket and cardboard. Maybe a pack or two of personal things tucked close to their side— a girl strutted a little more than she needed to pine for the attention of certain drive-bys— a cop sat in his car seemingly oblivious to the outside world, while the siren of another could be heard in the distance. The music flavor from one red light to the next brambled back and forth from hip-hop to the latest rock. Some things didn’t change.
He found himself just riding down one street after another, letting the nostalgia of old familiarity welcome him. He’d just taken a left, and was suddenly idling his speed down until he came up on the night club he recalled being there. He stopped his bike just shy of it, pausing in the street and stared at it. A few Bears were just showing up and hanging around the door. A door man clad in fitted leather pants and a leather vest patted them down with a gloved hand, taking a freedom frisk as he did, which neither of the men seemed to mind. One even propositioned to be patted again taking position against the wall of the club hands up on the stony surface. Ass out and legs spread while the two other men took advantage of the offer to feel him up. Gage rolled his bike back into an empty curb spot still watching. His mouth watering to have some toy time, but he made no move to join them or venture closer to the club.
“Hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm-mmm— man, oh, man. You look edible.” A low barbering growl of a voice came up behind him, “Come inside, pretty baby, and I will ride you all night.”
Gage turned just as the arriving admirer, trailed by two comrades, stepped up to feel out one of Gage’s arms still held out, gripping the handle bars. Why was he so tense? The offer wasn’t so bad. But Gage couldn’t bring himself to let go of the handlebars. His admirer didn’t seem to notice he hadn’t answered given the amusement of eye candy just one of Gage’s arms offered him as the man still stroked over his biceps and then his shoulder. His attire for the night was a pair of jeans with Timberland boots. A leather harness that showed off the matching set of salt and pepper hair on his head chest and forearms, keeping his face dotted with only a small amount of stubble. But more importantly was what he wore just above the harness. He was collared. Neither of his two comrades seemed to eye him with a sense of ownership, but someone obviously did. Either way it was a deal breaker for Gage. Too rough for his liking and he didn’t much care for playing with other people’s toys. Not even on loaner nights.
The man finally wandered off, figuring Gage would catch up when he was good and ready. No need for lengthy ceremonies here. But the last time Gage was here was also his first. A night of endless fucking and sucking, but the ending was anything but bliss. A night that shattered his existence and turned Gage inside out only to find his pockets were empty and shelves void of memorabilia.
He sat there staring at the door as men, by ones by twos by threes, slowly arrived and made their way inside. All but Gage. A few looked his way. Some with hopeful glances. Others unsteady of Gage’s hovering. But Gage couldn’t bring himself to go in. A ghost stood at the front door of this one, one he wasn’t ready to face. So he turned away— started the bike back up— then kicked it into gear and drove off— for home.


This book had me taken in from the very start. I've always been a big fan of the M/M romance genre and this book only took that further. I picked this one up and didn't put it down until it was finished, and even then it was by protest. I was damn near holding my breath because there was no more.
It ended WAY too soon for mind is never a good thing when left alone to come up with scenarios and situations on it's own...which is dangerous when I want to know more about a certain sexy bear couple......*laughs* Gage and Boomer hit my heart and pulled at every single string attached to it and then some.  Learning that not everyone is as bad as they seem just because they are a big guy, or that they are gonna go easy on you because you put on a pout. The way Gage helps the customers to reach their full potential while breaking down some serious walls was amazing.
 Princess bring the story to life and brings the characters into your life in so many ways that when the book is finished, you may end up like me, tossing it against the bed in tears and crying for more. 


Thank you for joining us today. I hope you enjoyed the short read and the review. I highly suggest running out and grabbing this book, you will not regret it, and while you're at it, keep checking back here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on more info about more books by the twins. 

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