Monday, 22 October 2012

Blood Series by Jacquelynn Gagne

Let me start off by saying, OMG.
This series had me glued to it so much I literally read all 3 books in 1 day…lol
The story is about a girl named Lianna who meets a mysterious sexy man named Damien. She works in a restaurant, lives alone, has a few close friends but other then that pretty much doesn’t do much until…….

Damien is an extremely good looking guy who comes into her work every say, always sits in her section and pretty much has an obsession with her.  Yet, they have barely ever talked.  Then he starts working there.  Things go from there.  He drives her home from work one night, and wouldn’t you know it, over time she falls for him…lol

  One night Damien is out of town and Lianna is attacked, he world unravels fast from that night on .  She finds stuff out about her new bf that she never imagined.
She gets brought into a world and a family that she never thought existed and becomes, herself, one of them. Little by little her life falls apart, she gains a family, loses herself in the meantime, finds out stuff she never would have dreamed..well……you need to read the series to find out more…lol

This series is FILLED with romance, love, hurt, betrayel, soul mates, fighting, sex, and much more.  I am on the edge waiting for more…I NEED to find out what happens next, where will she be?  who will she be?  who will she be with?  It’s all knawing at me…Must find out.
If you like books that keep you on your toes, always guessing, and always have something good going on around every page, then this is the series for you.

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