Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Undefeated by Armada West

Julian Moore is the Cinderella man of the modern era. An undefeated boxer from Scotland, a true story of rags to riches for a man who would sacrifice anything to care for his younger sister. His fights have brought him a long way from home. He's found himself in Boston with the hopes of catapulting himself into the international spotlight - except he hadn't expected to
meet someone like Rhiannon. He may end up losing it all before he's even begun, or will he go on undefeated?
Armada really catches you with this story.  The tale of two kindred spirits meeting and being pulled apart just as soon.  The way their lives are described, the way the story is told has you living with them.  Living THROUGH them.
The characters are easily to follow and you get pulled in right from the start.  You wanna know more, you wanna be them, live what they are going through.  The only problem was....It ended too
 One minute I was reading, completely caught up in what was going on, needing to know what would happen and suddenly....the end....Now I am left with many questions...There will be more, there has to be more.  I know I for one and gonna be keeping a close on on this series.  There is a big need to know how it ends, and I know this can't be all there is for Julian or Rhiannon, they must go on....


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