Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Grim vengeance by Nathan Squiers, DJ Shaw, Christina Worrell and more

Welcome to the Grim Vengeance Anthology, a collection from Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing featuring tales of cryptic and fury-filled efforts that show just how far one will go when there?s a vengeful vendetta. Revenge? Whether it is for retribution or for retaliation?be it from the guardian or the renegade?the primal urge to enforce a personal sense of justice lies with every being. Neither man nor myth is free of this drive, and the lengths to which they?ll go are vast and astounding and plunge even the purest heart into the darkest depths of depravity. The end result of the violence and mayhem is nothing if not destructive? Nothing if not grim.

This book can only be described as the works of some of the greatest minds in GRIM.  
In this book you will find various stories, all morbid, and all working on some basis of revenge, or just plain mean.

You have authors like DJ Shaw, who writes about a woman who learns never to trust a demon in Playing With Demons, and a priest who learns things are NOT always what they seem in Revenge Be a Demon .

You also have a story by Amanda R Browning, about a Cajun girls years of training to avenge her family in That Hoodoo That You Do.

You can also read a story by Michelle Davis which is about a woman who dies at the hands of her bf and comes back in a very unique way to get even in Fighting Monsters.

And of course, who could forget the amazing story of Xander Stryker.  A vampire with a massive head for revenge and an amazing way of displaying it Written by the legendary Dark Prince Nathan Squiers.

Then you can also some amazing poetry by Christina Worrell called Eternal Shapeshifter.

And there is SOO much more.  More revenge, more grimness, and more demons.  You HAVE to pick up this book.  If you love reading about people getting what they deserve and people getting back for sins bestoed upon them, then this is the book for you.

Grim Vengeance