Monday, 22 October 2012

Magic Murder by Nathan Squiers

The world of magic is unified by a single truth: “The arts have tainted you.”
For one man–a man corrupted by power and driven by a lust to kill–the price of his pursuits for power has become both a reason and a means of destroying lives. As this madman quickly discovers, the potential for murder and maiming are almost infinite when a flick of the wrist or a blink of an eye can rip flesh and snap bones, and the creative means of slaughtering innocents is a blood-red and limitless sky.

With fragmented thoughts and distorted truths festering in the twisted mind of this magical maniac, a sadistic killing spree ensues. As his campaign of carnage takes its toll on a family there seems to be no end to the bloodshed in sight…

… until he finds himself bathed in a Crimson Shadow.

I must say, when I was told this book made someone cry and vomit I didn’t know what to expect.  But remembering that it was written by the Literary Prince of Darkness I knew I was in for a ride.
Not only was it a ride, but this book is so dark, so violent, so full of gore….and I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!

It was very well written, you can almost see the blood spatters, and hear the popping bones and the squashing eyes.  My first thought after only the second page, was holy hell this would make a great movie….lol  I know, I myself am and twisted, and most people would probably find this book way too much for them, BUT…If you are a TRUE horror lover, and you live for the gore and violence aspect, then this is the book for you.  The only problem was….it was too short…LOL

The main character’s mind is so dark and twisted that it made me proud to call the literary Prince my friend…lol  It had been SOO long, that I found a true match for my twisted self in the sense of gore and true horror, that I had almost lost hope.

This book is so dark and twisted it was amazing.  The descriptions given were so graphic and filled with ……well I can only call it genius…LOL I only wish it had been longer.

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