Monday, 22 October 2012

Scarlet Night by Megan J Parker

Zane Murdoch just got a tattoo.The problem is, the tattoos are a magically infused curse that turns him into a raging beast and the only hope he has of curing it is absolving his rage. Seems simple enough until he and his clan are nearly demolished in a powerful attack. Now Zane finds himself involved in a paranormal battle of mystical proportions and breaking the curse may be a bit more challenging than he thought.Serena Vailean is alone in the world and quite frankly that’s how she likes it…At least until she finds a way to bring back her dead lover, Devon Thomas. Unfortunately for her, plans have a nasty way of changing and she finds herself thrust back into the world she’s been trying so desperately to escape. Her only hope is to seek help from the very people she has gone to great lengths to avoid.As an epic battle approaches, Serena and Zane must rely on each other and overcome their personal demons if they plan to survive.Unfortunately, caging a demon makes them all the harder to control.

The first book you have to read is The Lover, it introduces you to 2 of the, main characters Serena(a vampire) and Devon(a human/you’ll see). These two are in love when tragedy strikes. Enter Zane, a sexy vampire/beast who was sent to bring Serena home after her fathers death.
But nothing seems to go easy. The story follows them through getting home, denying feelings, a pissy ghost, a jerk brother and more……lol I found it very entertaining. The sarcasm and smart assed comments between Serena and Zane had me laughing my ass off. I very quickly came to NOT like Keith, and got tired of Devon’s presence.

I was very impressed with the story, it was writen so well that it pulled me in without even realizing it. One minute it was just a story and the next I am in tears over something, yes, literal tears. It was easy to familiarize myself with the characters that’s how much the writer pulls you in with her words.
I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who likes vampires, beasts, drama, romance, fighting, and sarcasm dripping fast…lol I myself cannot wait for more, I just hope it’s not to long.

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